Proud, confident and beautiful
Proud, Confident, Natural and Beautiful

Before you start your journey, you must first accept your hair in its natural state, not the vision of what you hope it will become, but how it is at this moment in time. Accepting your natural hair is the beginning to accepting your true self. Building self-confidence and pride in your luscious curly locks can be a long and emotional journey, almost like your natural hair journey


Working on self-acceptance and embracing your beautiful natural curls is just the beginning of your natural journey, but it’s an important one.

Be proud, Be beautiful, Be you

You know you’ve passed someone and thought, “Wow, their hair looks fantastic!”  “Hopefully that can be me someday”. Rest assured, they too, just like the rest of us, at one point had the same feelings and reservations as you, but now they just seem to exude confidence as they toss their fabulous head of curly locks with the look of “yes, I know, isn’t it amazing”


Be proud, Be beautiful, Be you.

    1. Be proud! One way to building confidence in your natural locks is to continually remind yourself that this is how your hair was meant to be.

Keep a journal of your hair journey and celebrating your triumphs. Set small realistic goal that will help you track your progress and achievements. As you first start you goal setting, it could be things like going to the corner shop with only part of your natural hair showing, with a target date to when you will showcase your hair in al its natural glory to the corner shopkeeper.

Take pictures along the way to record your triumphs and growth as this can work wonders in boosting your confidence. It also helps you to reflect on how far you’ve come.


    1. Be beautiful! Once you’ve discovered that first ounce of natural confidence, it’s time to develop it. No one knows you’re having a bad hair day unless you tell them!

Just as you spend time choosing the right clothes, shoes and possibly make-up, give the same importance and consideration to your hair and your self-confidence, they too need a daily dose of attention and pampering.

For you to exude confidence and beauty on the outside, you need to feel confident and believe you are beautiful on the inside.

Having a positive attitude of ones self will build confidence and lead to amazing achievements.


    1. Be you! Don’t listen to the haters and the negative nelly’s, just tell yourself that they do not yet understand your path to self-acceptance.

Be what you choose to be and surround yourself with people who are supportive, love and care for you. Seek-out people who will encourage you and help you build confidence to achieve your goals regardless of your chosen hairstyle.

The day will come when you are proud and confident to walk down any street with your head held high and your fabulous natural mane on display for the whole world to see, and on that day you too will smile at on-lookers with that look of, “yes, I know isn’t it amazing”


Now its time for you to: Be proud, Be beautiful, Be you.

Over the next few weeks you need to start building up your confidence and self-acceptance

  1. Be Proud, even if you not yet plucked up the courage to go natural, say at least 2 positive things about your natural hair every day.


  1. Be Beautiful; find images of women and men that have beautiful natural hair similar to your texture and length. Then imagine how beautiful you will look when you build the confidence.


  1. Be you, now that you have decided that you want to take this natural journey, start laying the foundations. At least once per day  be your true self, say or do something that make people around you say or think “that’s not like you” you are getting them ready for your naturally fabulous transformation.


Until next time

Your natural hair is a big part of who you are do not let anyone try to convince you otherwise. it is part of your identity just as much as your personality, your behaviours and the attitudes that make you unique. Your natural hair is one of the key elements of what makes you, you.




Bald & beautiful Low & luscious

"Bald is hot, bald is beautiful, bald is confident"

AngelaTaking the step to shave your head for the first time as a woman takes an enormous amount of courage, whatever the reason for taking the shears to your own head or better still allowing someone else to shave it off is also a feet in its self.

Sporting a bald hairstyle can be a very difficult decision for any woman no matter her culture, race or ethnicity. There are many celebrity and regular women both black and white with bald hairstyles and looking fabulous with their shaved heads

Some of the most beautiful women I have seen recently have bald heads or very low styles.

I find myself admiring more and more women as the sport their bald heads, this seem quite strange to me and others as I sport longer than waist length locs.

The ladies below I took pictures of as I was impressed with their style, 2 of them I knew the other 2 I asked them randomly at an event I was at. I'm sure they thought I was a little crazy but the obliged me all the same

IMG-20150913-WA0008 “Once you believes in yourself, there is no need try to convince others to believe in you.  When you are  content with yourself, your choices and your lifestyle, you won’t need the approval or validation of others’ . when you are confident and accepting of yourself, the people around you will accepts you for you.”

IMG-20150913-WA0020Stop listening to the few people that say that  you are not doing the right thing and start listening to all those that think you are fabulous. confidence is quiet, insecurity is loud and brash, that’s how it keeps you from moving forward

Welcome to Natural Follicles, over the next few months we will be developing and offering quality natural products and education you can trust.

Khy, beautiful and confidentNatural Follicles is not just about quality natural hair & skin care products, it is also about acceptance of self, confidence, pride & education.

Whoever you are and whatever your background or ethnic origin taking the step to return to your natural self takes confidence, self-acceptance and self-esteem. Low self-esteem keeps us in places where we truly do not want to be.

Self-confidence and self-acceptance are more important than you can imagine, they can change your life or affect the way you choose to live it.

Being confident and accepting  yourself will change the way others view you.

We hope that together we can find strategies and solutions, share successes and triumphs, as we move in

the right direction to become more confident, self-assured beautiful beings proud of our naturalness.

We hope you will stay with us and together we will complete our natural development journey